17 Apr

Adot Campaign Against War in Ukraine


The world sometimes seems continuously on the verge of a new war and governments always …

07 Mar

Pelican Learn to fly


The pelican Big Bird was abandoned by his group on a beach in Tanzania after …

06 Mar

HUVr hoover board. Real? Fake? Ad? Who cares? It brought us back to future!


Over the last couple of days the web has been completely flooded up with videos …

20 Feb

Animal Tissue


Yuki Ariga, created for the japanese manufacturer Nepia, a very nice animated movie featuring origamis …

18 Feb

(sponsored video) Royal Navy – Life Without Limits


We are living in the times of economic recession where people are losing their well-paid …

14 Feb

Yamaha Piano Key Shuffle


We have seen countless time on the internet cats playing keyboards and other instruments, what …

12 Feb

(sponsored video) Heineken “The Odyssey Film”


In order to pay entertaining homage to its drinkers and lovers, ‘Heineken’- the premium beer …

03 Dec

(sponsored video) Bavaria 8.6 “The Hand”


Dutch Beer Bavaria 8.6 is back on the scene to entertain us with another spot. …

01 Nov

5by25 Meat Street Takeaway


The 5by25 Meat Street Takeaway is all about quick and simple street food that’s big …

29 Oct

(sponsored video) A Very Masculine Beer


What is Bavaria? I believe we are all familiar with this brewing company founded in …

23 Apr

Discover the New Evian Babies Film


Evian, the brand which produced one of the most viral advertising campaigns is back with …

25 Mar

“Beat the Swarm” at Thorpe Park


The world’s most terrifying roller coaster has mutated,it’s back with a sting in its tail, …

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