“Beat the Swarm” at Thorpe Park

25 March of 2013 by

The world’s most terrifying roller coaster has mutated,it’s back with a sting in its tail, challenging thrill seekers to brave it backwards.

Last week Thorpe Park,one of the most popular amusement park in the UK, released this video to launch an alternative reality game for THORPE PARK that follows the story of one of last year’s survivors.

Adam has just escaped from 332 days of captivity. While he was held, he witnessed serious mutations that could mean the end for us all. He’s looking for people to join him on a mission to BEAT THE SWARM and help save humanity.

Thorpe Park has become the latest theme park to release an official application for the iPhone and iPod Touch, with its free offering available now.

They have created a Mission: warn friends and family that THE SWARM is about to attack again. To do this, all you need to do is disguise a unique link in your Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and forums that we will supply you on the site and get people to click on it. The link sends your friends and family to a page where they can get 30% off tickets to join an uprising against THE SWARM.The 1st prize will be a Lifetime pass to THORPE PARK!

Enter the competition at http://beattheswarm.co.uk/

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