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20 September of 2010 by

This is a post dedicated to all product designers, architects,DIYers,engineers. Finally what you were dreaming for has arrived in the market. The first portable, affordable ($2990) 3D printer! Professional 3D printers are known to be prohibitively expensive and designers and students have to organize themselves booking the school facilities or even commit themselves to have their product manufactured at unapproachable costs.
“The printer itself is very well made.(Well mostly well made, It does take three power cords for some reason…) The entire printer is made out of metal with a few plastic parts. The movement is driven via belt and microstepping servos. The z and y axises of movement are handled by a moving platform leaving only one axis of motion for the extruder assembly. This seems to be a well though out design as it removes a lot of the issues cause by the force of the plastic spool pulling against the extruder as it moves about.” Linkreincarnate

Check Ponoko for the second review

You can buy it here

Smartest Stove


Smartest Stove

It’s not a toy!


It’s not a Toy!

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  1. 3D printers are going to be the norm soon.
    I just got mine shipped from BotMill.com for well under $1000 including shipping.
    Was a great deal

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